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Terms of using the®
advertising system...

Using the submission service of® binds you to a number of conditions of use explained in this section.® is an advertising board service, open to everyone wishing to sell/transfer their current health club/gym, golf club or other form of membership.
The users of this web site are entirely responsible for the contents of their advertisement and liable for their verity and completeness.® uses a realtime posting system, which relies solely on the responsibility of its users to publish correct and complete information. However, we have designed tools to control abuse of the board and in some cases advertisements may be suspended.

If your advertisement is suspended you will be informed about this at the moment of posting and an email containing a link where you can edit your advertisement will be sent to the email you have provided.

Advertising of membership

No refunds are accepted for the placing of your advertisement. Sellers can apply for a refund in extenuating circumstances by emailing and a refund may be issued at the discretion of the directors of®. Members will be advised of the decision of the directors within 72 hours of the request being received. A refund will be issued, if applicable, at the same time as this advice is given.

    We can suspend an advertisement:

  • By your personal request.
  • In case the information published by you is incorrect or if we believe it is giving false information.
  • In case the information published is offensive or contravenes any applicable laws.
  • In case the advert published contents is irrelevant, is offensive or contravenes any applicable laws to an 'advert content' information (for example, it is not advertising the subject of memberships) or contains words blocked by our automatic filter.
  • In case the advert is submitted repeatedly, causing spamming to our system.


Disclaimer of liability® is not liable to you for any loss or damage incurred by you arising out of your use of the Site or Service, whether direct, consequential, special, indirect or other loss or damage.


You agree to indemnify® and its related companies and officers from any claims and expenses (including legal costs) related to:
(a) your use of the Site or the Service;
(b) any Content posted by you; or
(c) your breach of these terms.

Why do we say our system is "spam unfriendly"?® gives attention to new spam techniques aiming on advertisers to 'harvest' e-mails. In such cases the inquirer is sending similar inquiries to many posters containing a general text. In most of the case the inquiries sound artificial and can be easily recognised. A way of detecting spam-like actions is applied to all inquiries sent by readers of the system to users who have placed an advertisement. For this purpose we store a number of the latest inquiries. A certain percent of similarity is permitted, therefore it is possible sometimes that we suspend an advert, which is not deemed spam.

The contents collected and published on this web site belong to® and the owner of the published advert. No one can have the right to copy, reprint, distribute or save on electronic media. The information published on this website is for commercial purposes. No actions will be or can be carried out which violate the personal privacy of the users of this web site.


The® team