Instead of stressing yourself out thinking about the unsightly stains and spills on your carpet, why not learn some professional damage control tips in order to make things much easier for you and your family? In this article, you will be able to learn some helpful tips on how to manage drop or spill situations like a pro. Actually, a sudden drop or spill can surely trigger your senses to do anything by rubbing the surface of your carpet’s affected area. While this can be referred to as instinct, the truth is that there are more highly damaging effects that can take place than simply controlling the damages done.  

The solution to excellent damage control for any type of spills is blotting. If you have got any sort of liquid on your carpet flooring such as pet urine, it’s very important that you blot first using a clean cloth or tissue that absorbs well. After this, you can then use an effective yet mild cleaning solution such as a clean cloth, sponge or paper towel to blot. Furthermore, you should also remember that while the method of blotting can work on soaking any spills on your carpet, rubbing, on the other hand, can cause the spill to just go deeper into the fibers of your carpet, which causes them to break down. 

One helpful technique that commercial and residential property owners should always remember is that they should blot the stain on their carpet from the outside coming inwards. This will actually help avoid the stain from spreading during the procedure. Certainly, there are chances that you may have already heard that using soda is quite effective against stains that are caused by liquids such as beer, wine, and more. This is very true; however, you have to use it properly in order to make it efficient and effective. When you’re blotting the beer or wine stains, you should use soda on the clean cloth that you’re also using for blotting.   

If the cloth and soda seem to be not effective, you can try using the mixture of water and vinegar along with it. Simply mix one-part soda and one-part white vinegar and then pour it in a handy spray bottle. Once you have prepared a solution, spray the mixture on the affected area and then press with clean cloth or sponge after the mixture has already sat in the affected area for ten to fifteen minutes.  

After trying your best in treating the spill or stain on your carpet, you must be seeing changes to it already. However, if you think your carpet needs more help, then we highly suggest that you contact a professional this time. This is because a professional and highly skilled carpet cleaning service provider can be able to provide you the right services since they are already experienced in this kind of job. So, the moment you need someone to maintain your carpet, rugs, or upholstery, then it’s best that you contact carpet cleaning Federal Way.